Environmental Durability

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Choose the Best Geocell Solution
May 12, 2014
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Geocells are subject to aging and environmental influence throughout the project’s life.
Environmesntal influences and aging lead any polymeric material to degradation over time.
Aging can occur due to UV radiation or other environmental conditions such as heat and direct and diffused solar radiation.
Considering the geocell‘s ability to survive environmental conditions is a crucial factor when it comes to predicting geocell performance, especially in long term applications.

Environmental damage is permeant and cannot be reversed.
Such damages may cause failures and deformations, therefore must be taken seriously when deciding upon which geocell solution is best for a project.

Environmental Durability Test

Evaluating geocell’s durability under environmental influences is highly important, especially when considering long-term applications.
The standard tensile strength test is named Photochemical (UV) & Oxidation Resistance (HPOIT), and it’s engineered to predict the geocell behavior and reactions under different environmental conditions.