Choose the Best Geocell Solution

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Environmental Durability
May 11, 2014
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Elastic Behavior
May 21, 2017
best geocell solution
How to choose the best geocell solution for any project?
    • Geocells are generally made of polymeric materials.
    • Polymeric materials tend to deform and to lose their properties with time.
    • When testing any geocell solution it’s important to take into consideration factors which effect the geocell’s durability.
    • Each of the factors can be tested, to ensure short and long-term performance of geocells in any project life.


There are 4 key factors that are crucial for geocell’s durability:

Elastic Behavior


      1. The elastic behavior of a geocell will determine whether it will return to its shape once the deforming force has been removed.

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Resistance to Creep
Creep is the elongation of any polymeric material over time. Once elongated, this process can’t be reversed. Learn More

Cell Tensile Strength
Tensile strength will determine the ability of the geocell to remain intact when applied tension on opposite ends. Learn More

Environmental Durability
Geocell Environmental Durability will determine the survival capacity of the geocell under various conditions. Learn More